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Creator of Budget Boot Camp, Jordan Page

Jordan Page is a renown blogger, speaker, entrepreneur, wife, and mom to 6 kids (age 10 and younger). 

You may recognize her from her internationally recognized blog,, her ultimate organization and time management program,, or from her national TV appearances on shows such as TLC, Today Show, Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, Inside Edition and more.  

As a newlywed couple with a baby on the way, a mountain of debt, and $0 in savings (thanks to starting a business and a failed real estate investment), Jordan and her husband, Bubba, wondered if they would ever recover financially. Finding no resources that “spoke Jordan” (aka, made her hate budgeting any less than she already did), Jordan decided to forge the path herself, and figure out her own unique budgeting techniques and financial principles.

…and it worked.

In just 13 months they got out of $25,000 of debt, on a $31,000 income, and actually had fun while doing it!  

Jordan started sharing her unconventional tips and tricks on a small hobby blog, which quickly went viral and escalated into a world-renown budgeting sensation that has taken the world by storm. Her “budgeting for the rest of us” methods have helped hundreds of families all over the globe live what she likes to call “an abundant life, on any budget."

Jordan and her husband, Bubba, have since helped change the lives of hundreds of thousands of families. Thus proving, not just by word, but in deed, that it’s possible to live a millionaire lifestyle BECAUSE of budgeting and frugal living, not in spite of it.  

Jordan’s mission is to bring the new definition of frugal to the world and prove that it’s not the drab, miserly, miserable “budgeting” of yesterday. It’s fun, hip, sassy, flexible, organized, beautiful, and believe it or not, simpler than you ever imagined.  

So pull up a chair, grab yourself a snack, and kiss your mama’s “budget” goodbye…you’re in for the ride of your life.